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RedStone IT prides itself on exceptional customer service - with all work completed in a discreet and professional manner. We understand that the inner working of your IT system needs expert care and attention, whist providing maximum work time for every aspect of your business. We know that you just want to get back to working effectively, as quickly as possible - with minimal fuss.

You, your safety and your business are our priority. Call us on 0330 2233919 to discuss your solution, today.

Great Service

Running a business can be daunting with so many different hats to wear and things to do. Having RedStone IT as your “computer goto guys” (and gals!) is like having your own personal IT department on tap whenever you need them. IT is arguably one of the most fundamentally important and complex parts of your company and the services that run on them are of paramount importance to your business. With bespoke contractual and AD-Hoc support packages to suit your every need we will provide you with the reassurance and backing that you need, whenever you need it.

Here at Redstone-IT we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Our friendly and accommodating experts will do all they can to eliminate the stress of your I.T. crisis. We will guide you through resolutions where possible, or investigate them ourselves using remote access. We aim to be as available for you as is possible and will always conduct ourselves in a professional, courteous manner at all times when on site at your business.

Friendly Customer Support

We provide helpful IT support over the phone and on site, with as little IT jargon and waffle as possible. We are here to support the IT of your business and to ensure that your IT systems are always in tip top shape whilst having your best interests at heart.

From laptops to servers, software installations to network cabling, we will make sure that your IT requirements are catered for and expectations exceeded.

Fast Response

From Dusk Till Dawn, Daytimes, Evening, Weekends, whenever you need us - we are there. When getting the issue attended to as quickly as possible is paramount, knowing that we are just a phone call away can be very reassuring and gives peace of mind when dealing with any issue, large or small.

We understand just how crippling IT service failures can be to your business, that is why our goal is to be as amenable to finding swift resolutions so you can experience as little downtime or fuss as possible.

With full support available during normal UK business hours and around the clock support available as a premium service, we endeavour to respond as quickly as possible so we can keep your business ticking over nicely.